If not for people like Rommel, South Africa would still have Apartheid

South Africa would still continue to practise Apartheid if the international community had taken heed of DPM advice that outside parties should “not meddle in the affairs and domestic policies of the country”.Yet it was pressure from the international community which viewed apartheid with such revulsion that it eventually led to the downfall and dismantling of South Africa’s racist policies. – Richard Teo, Lim Kit Siang’s Blog

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~ by selaklagi on June 26, 2007.

One Response to “If not for people like Rommel, South Africa would still have Apartheid”

  1. Yes, you right in the apartheid there was lots more work for blacks and they did not live in fear and murder and armed robbery and crime was not even close its today I mean we the 2 most dangerous country to visit in world ,is that cool or what. Thats way I now live in Germany for south Africa now is again back in Africa a country not working like the rest of them. Its just so funny look at it not one african country you can say is like any white country in Europe Zimbabwe was till the white men fall and south Africa to .

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